Our services comprise designing industrial products and furniture, creating handmade one-off objects and doing bespoke assignments, for companies as well as individuals.

All design is created by Industrial Designer Anders Hermansen, and reflects his world of shapes and dreams, his passion for mechanical details, love for nature and an active lifestyle.

We highly value the long-term relationships that we have enjoyed with many of our clients, which include great companies such as Bang & Olufsen, LG Electronics and Engelbrechts.

We work closely together with our clients, and are often involved in projects from the early concept development stage through to product launch.


A fundamental drive for Anders Hermansen is to explore how one can functionally improve a product in a logic, simple and aesthetic way.


Since a very young age, he has used his competencies within this field in more than 20 years of design relationship with Bang & Olufsen, where he has designed worldwide successful and awarded products like the B&O BeoPlay V1 TV, BeoSound 5 and Earset 3i.


Shaping furniture has been a passion and focus areas since Anders Hermansen studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and first started his design company in the 80’s.


He finds furniture very intriguing, because its size means that it often becomes a quite integrated part of the surrounding architecture, and thus has a great impact on the atmosphere of the room. An additionally fascinating dimension is the fact that a chair or a sofa almost becomes part of your anatomy when sitting in it.


When Anders Hermansen received the Danish Furniture Prize in the late 80’s he was the youngest person to have ever received this recognition.


Handcrafting unique wire pieces is an essential way of creative expression for Anders Hermansen. He is drawn by exploring how ones hand can work as an physical intuitive media for ones inner creative universe, and often finds that steel wire is a great material to work with.


His unique wire works spans from small airplanes to gigantic wire chandeliers and also include 1:1 wire chair sketches, some of which are acquired by the Danish Arts Foundations.



Bespoke assignments span from making a huge custom made wire chandelier for an executive meeting room for a company, to making the entire interior decoration of a private home.


For interior projects, Anders Hermansen designs custom made furniture, lighting and art objects, and he might also engage in selecting furniture and lighting from external sources if the client wishes.


We always have close communication with the client to accommodate all functional needs and the wished for atmosphere.


For more information about our bespoke design, please give us a call or send an e-mail, and we will be happy to discuss the opportunities with you.